Music Of Old Ukraine

arranged by: Roman Turovsky

Danijel Jurišić, baroque lute


  1. U susida xata bila
  2. Shumka
  3. Marusen’ka
  4. Zhydivochka na seli
  5. Poju konya
  6. Romance ‘Misjac na nebi’
  7. Oy, u poly tri krynychen’ky
  8. Metelytsja
  9. Misjac’ i ziron’ky (rondo)
  10. Kolyskova
  11. Chervena ruzha dvojaka
  12. Bula sobi Marusja
  13. Vzyav by ja torbana
  14. Kolomyjka
  15. Pasla halja pawy
  16. Duma ‘Krache, krache’


Roman Turovsky is an American artist-painter, photographer and video installation artist, as well as a lutenist-composer, born in Ukraine.

He studied Art at Kiev Shevchenko State Art School and New York’s Parsons School of Design. He also studied Music (Composition and Historical Performance). He moved to the New York City in 1979. Turovsky combined a career in Art with that of a Visual Effects artist in cinema, television and theater, as well as a composer of Classical music. His works are in the permanent collections of Morean Art Center, the Graham Center Museum and the Marian Institute.

He traveled extensively in Europe and South America, where his musical works received many premieres. As a composer, Turovsky concentrated on the instrumental idiom of the Baroque lute and the torban, as well as viola da gamba and carillon. He composed over 1100 instrumental and vocal works influenced by his Ukrainian heritage and the baroque.

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